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Fuddruckers – World’s Greatest Hamburgers®


Some people are driven to create the world’s fastest cars or the world’s tallest buildings. Our calling is only slightly less glamorous but a whole lot tastier. We were born to create the World’s Greatest Hamburgers®.

A mission of this magnitude requires an obsession with quality, and it all begins with Fuddruckers fresh, never frozen, 100% USDA All-American premium-cut beef. Choose from 1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 lb patties and we’ll always grill it to order, just the way you like it.

Of course you don’t put the Worlds’ Greatest Hamburger on the World’s second greatest bun. Not if you want to remain the Worlds’ Greatest Hamburger. Our sesame-topped buns are baked from scratch in our restaurant bakeries all day long. It’s the only way to get that perfect combination of crisp crust and melt-in-your-mouth, fresh-from-the-oven taste. Not fresh from-a-truck taste like everyone else. Ah, there’s nothing like that new bun scent.

Once we hand over your juicy masterpiece of a burger, you take it from there to Fuddruckers legendary Build Your Own® market fresh produce bar. It’s stocked full of sun-ripened tomatoes, hand-leafed lettuce, sliced onions, dill pickles, pico de gallo, Fudds cheese sauce and lots of other fantastic fixins — so go ahead, pile it high and make it all yours.

Since 1980 we’ve been obsessed with doing one thing better than anyone else. That’s why we’re still here, 30 years later. We’re out to make the world happy, one great hamburger at a time.

Sounds pretty tasty doesn’t it? Well, a World’s Greatest Hamburger ought to be.


Burger Menu


Menus may vary due to seasonality and local tastes, but you’ll always find a fresh, never frozen, juicy burger grilled to your order – with all the free market fresh fixins you’ve come to love – at every Fuddruckers you visit.

The Original Fudds Hamburger
Fresh – never frozen – 1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 lb. 100% USDA All-American, premium-cut beef. Grilled to order* and placed atop our fresh, sesame-topped scratch baked bun ready for you to pile it high at our market fresh produce bar.

Southwest Burger
 – Smokehouse bacon, guacamole and pepper jack cheese
The Works Burger – 
Smokehouse bacon, American cheese and grilled mushrooms
Three Cheese Burger
 – American, cheddar and Swiss
Inferno Burger
 – Spicy jalapenos, caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese
Swiss Melt Burger – 
Sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions and Swiss cheese
Bacon Cheddar Burger – 
Smokehouse bacon and cheddar cheese

Our all-natural, free-range, grass and grain-fed game burgers are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. Often lean and always tasty, Fudds Exotics℠ are full of nutritional benefits and are served on a wheat bun, which contains 3 g. of fiber.

Buffalo Burger
A tender and flavorful classic burger served on our wheat bun. Leaner than most traditional beef burgers, it has 0 g. of artificial trans fats and is just as juicy when grilled to medium. Try it with cheddar cheese and your fair share of our free market fresh produce.

Elk Burger
A lean and savory burger that has 0 g. of artificial trans fats and is low in cholesterol when ordered with our wheat bun and piled high with Fuddruckers market fresh produce. Or add swiss cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms for a totally different World’s Greatest Elk Burger experience.

Wild Boar Burger
Mild, sweet, smoky and delicious. Our Wild Boar is served with a wheat bun, has 0 g. of artificial trans fats, and is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Keep it simple or make it yours by adding pepper jack cheese, bacon and sautéed mushrooms.

For our complete menu please visit fuddruckers.com/menu

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